How will you tell your story?



We are Make Every Media.

You can call us MEM.

We are dedicated to helping people tell their stories in the most engaging and human way possible.

Our team of engineers, editors, photographers, filmmakers, programmers, voice actors, musicians, educators and artists will use every media technology at our disposal to bring your story to life.

Virtual Events & Conferences

Move your show, event, or conference online with a Virtual Event Portal. We can give your presenters a full green-room experience and your attendees a place to network and get to know each other while they wait for the next presentation to start. And if two dimensions are not enough–yes, we also do Virtual & Augmented Reality apps.

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Motion Graphics

Put your story in motion with expert videography, editing, and motion graphics. Our team of camera operators, audio engineers, editors and animators are standing by to record, tech direct, edit, archive, or live stream your film, sitcom, interview, event, class, or panel discussion with multiple cameras and feeds over multiple platforms.


Go back to basics with the most primal storytelling tool we have–the spoken word. MEM knows how to bring your ideas to the eager ears of listeners and can guide you from pilot episode to season finale.

The MEMcast

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App Development. Websites. Online Courses. Virtual & Augmented Reality. Put it all together in an immersive experience that houses your graphics, animations, audio, and video–a website, online course, or custom-built app makes your story unforgettable.


Make your message sing with a catchy tune written and performed by local musicians. We even have our own band, The Worry Folk, but we also love collaborating with bands and individual artists in all genres. Check out this music video we made for a HOUSE!

Featured Music Video

MEM’s Podcast & Media Hatchery


Broadcasting with artists, media lovers, citizen reporters, and members of our Media Hatchery in a variety of programs on Twitch, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Facebook, and YouTube.

Podcast Pilot Launch Streams, Talk Shows, Fiction, Game Studies, Documentary Shorts, Spotlights on Artists, Veterans, and the ever-changing cyber-scapes of creative spaces. Watch! Share! Listen! Collaborate!

Ready to tell your story?

We’d love to hear from you. We’d also love to interview you, record your story, edit it into a podcast or movie, help produce your event, or just help you through some difficulties with today’s cornucopia of software and hardware. Apply to our hatchery program or schedule a consultation below and tell us what it is you’re looking to get out into the world… contact us today!

One Hour

Media Consultation
  • Let’s get down to business. Tell us what you need, and we’ll connect you with the right specialist from our team of media experts. An hour should give us enough time to get moving on your podcast, stream, film, or app, or help with any technical difficulties you may be having. 

Podcast Pilot

Recording Session
  • Let’s dive in and record a 90 minute interview remotely. We’ll offer coaching to you and a guest if you like, edit a draft of the conversation for review, and talk through the next steps in publishing.  We offer discounted rates to a limited number of friends, family, and good causes–so please don’t let the cost be prohibitive! Drop us a line below and we’ll see if we can help within your budget.

... or drop us a line!

Prefer communicating over email?  Have an idea you’d like to submit for our next Media Hatchery? Fill out this form and one of our MEMsters will be in touch soon!