Episode 10: The INGS of MAPPINGS

by | Feb 3, 2018

Make Every Media in 2018. Wrapping up MAPPINGS, reframing. The Preservation Station Series & MEM•VR App. 2017 Collaboration Review.

Music by:
Chris-owen-49 – The-slow-drown
Psyfolkology – Poof-piece
Chris-owen-49 – Jump-out-the-window

Coming up:
1. MEM•VR talk at the Texas Computer Education Association Conference, February 8th:

2. Lisa Scheps and the Ground Floor Theatre!

Episode 5: FEEDBACK

https://soundcloud.com/makeeverymedia/memcast005 MAKE EVERY MEDIA EPISODE 5: FEEDBACK. Hosted and edited by David Moses Fruchter. With audio collage support from Michael Ferstenfeld, and the voices of Megan Moten, Tiphany Orticke, Michelle Dahlenburg, Nichole Bennett,...