Episode 14-17: The Podcast Hatchery

by | Mar 23, 2020

Times are scary. We hope you’re safe, healthy, hand-washed and hunkered down somewhere in a vacuum-sealed bubble with your favorite people, audio, tv show, books, games, pets, pet projects.

We want to help you keep your social distance in this time of uncertainty by releasing a new podcast for your quarantined entertainment. We’ve partnered with a few Austin’s best storytellers to create 3 new podcast pilots, but only one will be green-lit for a full season at this time.

Vote for your favorite by pledging directly to their Patreon tiers @ patreon.com/MakeEveryMedia

Deferred Dreams:

Come and Take It:

Realmente Real:


Episode 3: Performance & Production

https://soundcloud.com/makeeverymedia/memcast003 A first glance at my love affair with performance and production, and a review of year one of having started a podcast. In which we attempted to make everything that we ever wanted to make. Specifically Movies, Audio,...

Episode 1: Mappings

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