MEM’s Media Hatchery

Our Podcast Hatchery launched on Patreon in March of 2020, and over the course of that year in quarantine, created several new pilot episodes with podcast-curious artists based here in Austin, TX. Since then, the program has expanded platforms to YouTube, Twitch, and Buy Me a Coffee, where paid subscribers get early access to our content, beta access to our games & apps, and access to our eventual discord! Check out the channels below, and the blurbs below those to count up all of our hatchlings before they fly! And let us know if anything catches your eye / ear that you’d like to see / hear more of it! We love feedback!!

We’re on the path to sustainability / monetization for our content on all of these platforms, but we could sure still use some likes, follows, and subscriptions if you’ve got the time / resources.

For now, we can really only focus on one of these shows at a time whilst managing our client-work. They are all labours of love. But if we can get at least $500 a month coming in through these platforms or some SPONSORSHIPS, we can start to pay additional engineers, hosts, performers, and musicians to help us create more episodes of these shows simultaneously! That’s the ultimate dream!! To be able to help as MANY people tell their stories as possible, and start healing the world through storytelling.


“Why gender a robot? What purpose does it serve? Does it help us form attachments? And what does that say about how we view and perform gender in our everyday human lives?” These are all questions raised in this podcast series by long-time collaborator and noted cyborg clown, Julie Moore. And we’re actively addressing them one-by-one, though this podcast could use your help!

Steal Every Media

Hosted by Peter Rogers. Featuring Special Guest Kevin Miller, the 1985 film “Back to the Future,” and a conversation about what improvisors can steal from the movie for the improvisational arts!

This podcast could use your help to get more episodes produced!



Two Old Cats

TWO OLD CATS is a client-supported conversational podcast that delves into the experiences of our U.S. Veterans and their friends and families. In episode 1 & 2 host Command Sergeant Major Retired Donnie Moten speaks with his daughter, Megan about life before, during, and after the military.


The pilot episode of “Griefhoarders” with Michael Ferstenfeld and Megan Moten. 9 years after the death of his sister, Michael finally starts picking up the pieces.

The Gospel of Frog / Glengerry Glen Frog

Chrono Trigger is still the best and only videogame ever made. In this podcast series we attempt to explain why, and how it remains the center of all videogame history.

Deferred Dreams

A conversational, roundtable podcast about student debt from crisis to forgiveness helmed by Chelsea Hernandez, Big Medium’s 2019 Artist-in-Residence at The Line Hotel in Austin, TX and director of the documentary, “Building the American Dream.” Hosted by Chelsea Hernandez.

Come and Take It... Back.

A narrative podcast with historical elements from the brain of Beth Webster, and featuring the voice of Ken Webster (no relation), the Artistic Director Hyde Park Theatre in Austin, TX. What begins as a mission to repatriate a Texas flag from Mexico sends one Texan on a journey across the globe.

The Podcast Hatchery

We wanted to help you keep your social distance in 2020 by releasing new podcasts for your quarantined entertainment so we partnered with a few of Austin’s best storytellers to create several brand new podcast pilots and a Patreon to support them!