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The Hidden Storybook

A collaboration with The Hidden Room Theatre

Presenting CHAPTER 1 on February 19th (2-5pm)
@ Games Y’all Indie Game Dev Showcase
Fairweather Cider
The Hidden Storybook is a motivational storytelling app that helps turn your everyday tasks magical. In our first installment, you, no matter who you are in real life, become someone who is capable, energetic, and great at getting things done: Cinderella.
Do you want some inspiration and some company while you clean your house or exercise? We’ve got you. The Hidden Storybook brings you into a world where your Fairy Godmother and a group of friendly woodland creatures are right by your side. Need a little tough love? Your stepmother and stepsisters provide extra motivation along the way. Not only do these fairy tale characters provide great company, they also have handy tips for more effective and joyful cleaning and moving. And jokes. Everybody likes jokes.
The Hidden Storybook immerses you in a quaint village surrounded by beautiful old trees, fields of flowers, running streams, and a grand castle. Allow your treadmill to become a wooded path or an ancient cobblestone street. Your home kitchen becomes the scullery in a French chateau. And most importantly, you’re never alone. Fairy Godmother, Florence the Bird, Gerald the Mouse, and that one Weird Rat are all there to help you.
As you work on your task, the story pushes forward. The more you do, the further along the Storybook you go. Will you get to the ball? Will you find love? Open the Storybook, choose how much time you want to spend on your task, transform into Cinderella, and see what happens.

Woodland Creatures are here to help

Your Evil Stepsisters have their eyes on castle life…

This Hidden Storybook is structured so that you play as a non-gender specific, movement-inclusive Cinderella. We believe that movement should be joyful, tasks should be restorative, and imagination play should be universal. We have worked closely with our Movement Specialist to make sure that all forms of safe movement are celebrated and encouraged. We’ve also worked arm in arm with our Mental Health Director to ensure that we’ve created a warm, healing environment.

The Hidden Room is an award-winning theatre company that straddles the line between the past and the future of performance. They enjoy collaborations with some of the world’s top scholars, technologists, and theatrical innovators. They have expanded the “walls” of theatre by rehearsing, performing, and presenting productions across the world through digital performance, and in doing so gained the attention of the US State Department, PBS, BBC, NPR, London’s Channel 4, Scotsman, American Theatre Magazine, Time, and more. They have been honored at home with a regular spot on the “Top Ten Theatrical Wonders of Austin” list in the Austin Chronicle, over forty-five nominations from theatre awards celebrating artistic excellence, and over twenty-five wins. They were proud to be Austin’s 2019-2020 Cultural Ambassadors for Theatre.
The Hidden Storybook is a project that needs your help. We’re off to a great start, but we know that there are so many more stories out there that can assist people. Your support will first go toward actors, editors, developers, studio rental, and app maintenance. After that, we’d love to get this first story translated into Spanish so that more people have the ability to experience the Hidden Storybook in the language of their choice.
Prince Philip is a dreamboat who loves to exercise and tidy up, just like you!