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MEMisode 28: The Hidden Storybook, Making Every Day Tasks MAGICAL

MEMisode 28: The Hidden Storybook, Making Every Day Tasks MAGICAL

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Introducing “The Hidden Storybook,” a new game from The Hidden Room & Make Every Media that’s got a Kickstarter deadline of March 18th to help fund a full-cast recording—we’re more than halfway there, but only 4 days remain!!

Episode 28 of the Make Every Media Podcast features our Client Communications Manager, Amber Quick, and the Artistic Director of Hidden Room Theatre, Beth Burns.

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Music by the Austin Baroque Orchestra.

Kickstarter Video Clip by Lowell Bartholomee

The Hidden Storybook Kickstarter Campaign


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Steal Every Media with Peter Rogers – Pilot Episode

Steal Every Media with Peter Rogers – Pilot Episode

Hosted by Peter Rogers
Featuring Special Guest Kevin Miller
…and the 1985 film “Back to the Future”

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Music provided by Scooter Holiday:

Special Thanks
Benjamin Blattberg
Lindsey McGowen
Julie Moore
Amber Quick

Improv Schools in Austin:

Originally recorded live as a part of TIME SOUP on MEM-TV June 21st, 2021.

GenderBots with Julie Moore – Pilot Episode

GenderBots with Julie Moore – Pilot Episode

“Why gender a robot? What purpose does it serve? Does it help us form attachments? And what does that say about how we view and perform gender in our everyday human lives?”
  These are all questions raised in this podcast series by long-time collaborator and noted cyborg clown, Julie Moore. We’ve been recording conversations about gender representation in robots since March of 2021 — sometimes privately over Zoom or an app called “Marco Polo,” sometimes live-streamed publicly over Twitch — and we can’t wait to start sharing our research with you! This of course includes a deep-dive on the entire Terminator franchise (all 6 movies at least), which is currently being edited. But what we’re sharing with you today is a much-toiled-over “final edit” of our VERY FIRST CONVERSATION about this subject, the conversation that sparked over a year’s worth of research, speculation, spreadsheets, charts & graphs, and binges & streams. Music by The Forgotten Discovery @chrisowen49 Support / Subscribe to the Make Every Media Channels: LinkTree.com/MakeEveryMedia

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Texas Resilience Stories // by Michelle Dahlenburg

Texas Resilience Stories // by Michelle Dahlenburg

We have had the absolute pleasure of sharing with you the beautiful work of the one and only Michelle Dahlenburg on this year’s Summer Spotlight Series. All three episodes of Michelle’s Texas Resilience Stories are now available for listening. Just find “Make Every Media” wherever you listen to podcasts, or listen via the embeds below!

Ep. 1 – “That Food that was Comfort”

Artist Casey Janewski’s Texas Winter Storm Story ::

Ep. 2. – “Who Cares for the Caregiver?”

Hospital Chaplain Stephen Robinson Shares Six Tips for Building Resilience ::

Ep. 3 – “We’re Not Giving up on These Kids”

Creating Resilient Schools through Restorative Practice with Special Education Teacher Ignacio Valdez ::

Aside from the MEM “framing,” these episodes were entirely produced, recorded, and edited by Michelle Dahlenburg, with music from Blue Dot Sessions www.sessions.blue

Michelle is an Austin, Texas-based audio producer, community-based theatre artist, performer, and educator. She has produced audio stories that have aired on KUT Austin (NPR affiliate), PRX Remix, and the podcasts Neighbors, 51%, and Make Every Media. She is currently a story producer for the live comedy show Mortified Austin, and a lecturer in applied theatre at Texas State University. This past year she served as the Resilience Stories manager for a new resiliency research center at Texas State.

Ep. 26: TIME SOUP:: Part 2 :: Second Breakfast

Ep. 26: TIME SOUP:: Part 2 :: Second Breakfast

Coming in at 24 minutes and 25 seconds long, Episode 26 of Make Every Media time-hops around 2022, 2021, 2017, and 2003 for PART TWO of TIME SOUP with the amazing MICHELLE DAHLENBURG!

The music for this episode was crafted by the inimitable Scooter Holliday and lovingly interwoven thru the conversation vortex by Michael Ferstenfeld.

More Music from Scooter Holiday
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The Vortex


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Episode 24 of MEMcast
Salvage Vanguard Theatre
David and the Wire on Radiolab
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