Episode 8: Arts in Sacred Places

Preservation Station Episode 2 is all about Arts in Sacred Places, a program from Partners for Sacred Places starting up in Austin in September in partnership with the City of Austin, and the Austin Creative Alliance. Contact Lynn Osgood at losgood@sacredplaces.org if you’re a congregation OR an artist looking to share some sacred space!

Episode Contains:

– National Director of Arts in Sacred Places, Karen DiLossi, and local reverend Dr. Rick Diamond, at the Arts in Sacred Places launch party in the offices of the Austin Creative Alliance.

– The “boots on the ground,” Lynn Osgood, project consultant of Arts in Sacred Places in Austin, interviewed by Michelle Dahlenburg & Brie Smith.

– The dulcet tones of The Forgotten Discovery, Chris Owen

– This is the Year by Southpaw Jones!

Preservation Station is sponsored in part by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division and the Austin Creative Alliance.

*Photo Credit: Ted Lieverman. Partners for Sacred Places links dance-theater company Brian Sanders’ JUNK and Shiloh Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Penn.


Episode 7: SVT & the Preservation Station

Introducing The Preservation Station Episode 1: the first in a series of Make Every Media Podcasts about the preservation of arts spaces in Austin, TX!

Includes interviews w/ Jenny Larson of Salvage Vanguard Theatre & Connor Hopkins of Trouble Puppet from Bobby Longoria’s Film Frenzy SVT piece(with piano tinkling by Graham Reynolds included), which is available to watch in its entirety here: vimeo.com/126728696

Special thanks to Wyatt Tall for music curation, and Punctum Records and the artists themselves for the music of Lomelda and Botany!


And of course, SouthPaw Jones:

Episode 5: FEEDBACK


Hosted and edited by David Moses Fruchter.

With audio collage support from Michael Ferstenfeld, and the voices of Megan Moten, Tiphany Orticke, Michelle Dahlenburg, Nichole Bennett, Nicholaus Wiendel, Paul Wainright, and Jeff Britt.


Mixed Music:
@chris-owen-49, Daddy_Scrabble, Alvin Lucier, Nurse With Wound, Charles Mingus, the Grateful Dead, the Orb, Amon Tobin, 23 Skidoo, the Mengzi County Town Dongjing Association, Painkiller, Franghiz Ali-Zadeh w/ the Kronos Quartet, Abigail Washburn+The Shanghai Restoration Projectfeedbackinstallationhappinessisachoiceinstitutiontheaterlettersaudiocollagenoisefeedbackloops

Episode 4: Installation of a Moment

“Love is love…” quoth Sarah Marie Curry in this FOURTH episode of my Make Every Media podcast, a special Valentine’s Day episode (that has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine’s Day).

This episode is hosted by Jeff Britt, contains some advice he got from Albert Maysles on a train, and may also contain some gratuitous bleeping for reasons.



Music in order of appearance:
Jlcudd – Hisojidon
Chris-owen-49 – Cornfields
Chris-owen-49 – Moment-minutes
Chris-owen-49 – Worship-of-the-whip